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Scania engines, one of the most traditional on the market, are from Sweden and are currently present in more than 100 countries. 

In the Brazilian market, the engines are manufactured at the powers of 300kVA to 800kVA (Stand By), serving practically all segments of the economy, such as agribusiness, supermarkets, substations, mining, hospitals, among others.

For other genset power please contact us. The genset identifications (models) may undergo nomenclature changes according to project approval, respecting the technical characteristics of the product.

Scania 60Hz three-phase

Genset ModelPower | STAND BY (kVA)Power | PRIME (kVA)Engine ModelOpen GensetGenset with Cabin
GGS-300300278DC09072A 02-11
GGS-330330306DC09072A 02-12
GGS-360360328DC09072A 02-13
GGS-400400366DC09072A 02-14
GGS-460460421DC13072A 02-11
GGS-500500456DC13072A 02-12
GGS-550550503DC13072A 02-14
GGS-625625550DC13093A 02-74
GGS-662662600DC13093A 02-75
GGS-720720652DC16093A 02-54
GGS-770770700DC16078A 02-43
GGS-800800728DC16072A 02-13
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