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ESG - Do you know what this initials means?

Qual o significado de ESG? Como esta metodologia está mudando as formas de pensar das empresas, deste pequenos negócios até multinacionais? Saiba mais nesta notícia.

Geraforte at Sucessful Entrepreneurs TV

The founding entrepreneurs and the person responsible for production planning and control were interviewed by the Sucessful Entrepreneurs Program, due to the notorious growth of GERAFORTE in the Brazilian energy market...

How to Dimension your Genset - kWh to kVA Conversion

There are several ways to size a generator set. Most methods, however, give us approximate and inaccurate results... Get to know the concepts of Contracted Demand, Load Ratio, among others...

Energy Solutions for Agribusiness

R$1.13 trillion in production. 10.2% growth. About 27% of Brazil's GDP. These are the numbers of Brazilian agribusiness in 2021. Now more than ever, an increase in production means an increase in energy supply...

2022 Perspectives

2021 was a troubled year for everyone: new variants of COVID-19, rising interest rates, inflation, water crisis and lack of raw materials. What are the expectations for 2022? How is the energy scenario in Brazil? Check this news...

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