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Paraty Project
7.5 MVA to power the city

Generator Sets: 7500kVA
Equipment: super acoustic containers - 65dB(A) 1,5m
Voltage: 380V.

The Paraty Project is one of the biggest ever carried out by GERAFORTE!

In total, there will be 7.5MVA, energy generated by generator sets that will complement the power supply of the city of Paraty, RJ.

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Generator Sets
for Unimed Brazil

Generator Sets: 9 machines between 80kVA and 700kVA.
Equipment: IP23 enclosure 75dB(A) 1,5m.
Voltage: 220V.
Application: Stand-by operation.

With more than 8 machines sold to UNIMED and dozens of projects for hospitals and clinics throughout Brazil, GERAFORTE is highlighted in the sales of generator sets for the health segment.

We have specific projects for hospitals, including noise reduction, frequency regulator and custom painting of our products.

Our enclosures are produced in 85dB, 75dB and 65dB(A) 1.5m versions, the latter being a super acoustic product designed for places with high population density.

The photo shows a 125kVA generator set with a Perkins engine, WEG alternator and ABB components for the ATS and control panel. The acoustic enclosure has a noise attenuation of 75dB(A) 1.5m.


2 x 625 kVA
Gensets for Agribusiness

Generator Sets: 2x GGS-625 of 625kVA in parallel.
Equipment: IP23 standard enclosure.
Voltage: 380V.
Application: Stand-by operation.

Grain storage plant

The agribusiness, in 2021, reached the mark of 2 trillion reais (USD 400 billions), representing about 28% of the Brazillian GDP*. In the accumulated period from January to September, the sector advanced 10.80%, when compared to the same period in 2020. Currently, the segment employs more than 17 million Brazilians* throughout Brazil.

In this successful case, our machines were used in emergency mode to feed a grain storage plant. The generator sets operate in parallel, generating a total power of 1250kVA.

The technical delivery and start up was carried out by our own technicians. There was a check of the entire local infrastructure, tests of the machines with and without load, and the due training of the technicians indicated by the customer.

We guarantee the productivity of your business! We supply GERAFORTE generator sets, synonymous of safety and quality energy!

*data of january/2022


1.000 kVA
in Acoustic Container

Generator Set: 1000 kVA single
Equipment: acoustic container 85dB(A) 1,5m
Voltage: 380V.
Application: Stand-by operation.

Container in the factory

Container packed

To meet the requirements of COMPESA (Pernambuco Sanitation Company) GERAFORTE resorted to its Heavy Line: single generator sets above 800kVA.

The machine sold has a MAN engine, WEG alternator and ABB components for the ATS and control panel.

The generator was placed in an acoustic container of 85dB(A) 1.5m with hospital silencer included. Among its differentials are: External fuel meter; emergency stop buttons on both sides; display for the command module; indoor lighting; window for removing the fuel tank with seal; external nozzle for access with closed doors; 1600L internal tank; and others.

The robust equipment will be used in emergency mode to feed the loads of the sanitary sewage system in the city of Escada, in Pernambuco, Brazil.

The project has an extended warranty of 2 years or 1000 hours, upon customer request.

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