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Paraty Project
7.5 MVA to power the city

Project: 7500kVA
Generator Sets: 3750kVA already installed and in operation
Equipment: super acoustic containers - 65dB(A) 1,5m
Voltage: 380V.

Recognized as a tourist destination by thousands of Brazilians each year, the city of Paraty, in Río de Janeiro, stands out nationally for its historical and cultural heritage.

To sustain the energy demand in high season, the city's substation is being strengthened with another 7.5 MVA of power.

The energy will be generated through Geraforte generator sets, a manufacturer with national prominence in the segment. The project, that totalize 10 machines of  750kVA in parallel, has 5 gensets already installed and in operation.

One of the main highlights is the allocation of the generators in super acoustic containers of 40 feet, with more than 12 m wide and weighing 8 tons each. 

Geraforte, as a specialist in customized solutions, developed each container with acoustic insulation of 65dB(A) 1.5m, which allows for noise attenuation that complies with local standards.

The generator sets were manufactured with Volvo Penta engines and WEG alternators, ensuring robustness and reliability for any application.

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Tapera Plant- 3,1MVA
Medium Voltage Supermarket DC

Project: 3100kVA with medium voltage control panel.
Generator Sets: 2x800kVA + 3x500kVA, all in parallel.
Equipment: open generators.
Voltage: elevation from 480V to 13.8kV.

Medium Voltage Control Panel

Usina Tapera is responsible for the distribution and data processing center of 27 stores of Grupo Super Nosso in Belo Horizonte  and region (Brazil). If it runs out of energy, all the cashiers go off the air and the stores stop billing.

To ensure a robust and reliable system, the customer called GERAFORTE!


Services performed: expansion of total power (from 2.5MVA to 3.1MVA) from the replacement of 2 Generator Sets of 500kVA by two of 800KVA; retrofit in 3 Generators to make parallelism compatible through the new deep sea 8610 modules; replacement of control panels; replacement of the medium voltage automation panel with a GERAFORTE panel with deep sea 8660 controller; remote monitoring from the Scada Switch system via Ethernet.

The retrofit carried out includes general maintenance on the engines, alternators, replacement of frames and accessories, as well as the replacement of the control module by the DEEP SEA 8610 model.

DEEP SEA modules were chosen due to their easy accessibility, state-of-the-art software, simplicity and assistance anywhere in Brazil.

The generator sets operate in emergency mode, when there is a lack or failure of energy by the concessionaire, or at peak hours, according to the customer's preference. The machines are also activated when they detect a reduction in the input voltage, a problem caused by the local concessionaire. The voltage generated at 480V is raised to 13.8kV, with the control panel for medium voltage transfer, without a power peak.

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2 x 625 kVA
Gensets for Agribusiness

Generator Sets: 2x GGS-625 of 625kVA in parallel.
Equipment: IP23 standard enclosure.
Voltage: 380V.
Application: Stand-by operation.

Grain storage plant

The agribusiness, in 2021, reached the mark of 1,1 trillion reais (USD 200 billions), representing about 28% of the Brazillian GDP*. In the accumulated period from January to September, the sector advanced 10.80%, when compared to the same period in 2020. Currently, the segment employs more than 17 million Brazilians* throughout Brazil.

In this successful case, our machines were used in emergency mode to feed a grain storage plant. The generator sets operate in parallel, generating a total power of 1250kVA.

The technical delivery and start up was carried out by our own technicians. There was a check of the entire local infrastructure, tests of the machines with and without load, and the due training of the technicians indicated by the customer.

We guarantee the productivity of your business! We supply GERAFORTE generator sets, synonymous of safety and quality energy!

*data of january/2022


Generator Sets
for Unimed Brazil

Generator Sets: 9 machines between 80kVA and 700kVA.
Equipment: IP23 enclosure 75dB(A) 1,5m.
Voltage: 220V.
Application: Stand-by operation.

With more than 8 machines sold to UNIMED and dozens of projects for hospitals and clinics throughout Brazil, GERAFORTE is highlighted in the sales of generator sets for the health segment.

We have specific projects for hospitals, including noise reduction, frequency regulator and custom painting of our products.

Our enclosures are produced in 85dB, 75dB and 65dB(A) 1.5m versions, the latter being a super acoustic product designed for places with high population density.

The photo shows a 125kVA generator set with a Perkins engine, WEG alternator and ABB components for the ATS and control panel. The acoustic enclosure has a noise attenuation of 75dB(A) 1.5m.

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