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Turn Key Project for
Petrobras Refineries

Generator Sets: 3x 20 to 40kVA
Equipment: marinized acoustic enclosure - 85dB(A) 1,5m
Frequency: 60Hz.
Application: Stand-by operation.


Quality. Robustness. Engineering. After sales. These are qualities that companies like Petrobras look for in their suppliers.

Today, the Paulinea and Baurueri Refineries have GERAFORTE Generator Sets, ensuring backup power for their Telecommunication systems. The machines have a bypass system, marine-coated enclosures (appropriate for environments with a high level of oxidation), in addition to customized control and power panels, at the request of the client.

The Paulínea Refinery has 2 Gensets, 1 of which operates on an emergency basis for microwave telecommunication and the other for fiber optics. The Baurueri Refinery has 1 Genset for its entire telecommunication system.

In this project, GERAFORTE was responsible for the entire retrofit of the Generators and Panels, for the supply of new machines, in addition to carrying out the start up and installation.

Execute a turn key project in a refinery is not simple. This requires a strong involvement of Workplace Safety, the Engineering team, in addition to cutting-edge Management. Through a solid team, with deep knowledge in the area, specialized and trained to better meet all market demands, we guarantee that any need will be met, ensuring the total satisfaction of our customers.


23 Custom Gensets

Generator Sets: 12 x 125kVA mounted on road trailer
                            11 x 220kVA static
Equipment: acoustic enclosure - 85dB(A) 1,5m;
                     road trailer with 2 axles.
Aplication: Prime.

GERAFORTE supplied CEMIG Distribuição with a batch of 23 customized generator sets, 11 of which static and 12 on a road trailer (special application to facilitate transportation between maintenance sites).

The generator sets were manufactured to optimize CEMIG's work in maintaining the electrical network.

Among the customizations are:
- Supply of 16m of power cables for carrying out maintenance on the electrical network;
- Wait for the output of the power cables;
- Phase sequence indicator for the operator to check the direction of the generator and electrical network phases;
- Pump for draining the lubricating oil, facilitating the replacement of the component;
- CEMIG standard pin-type grounding at the base of the enclosures.
- Road trailer: 2 axles, rim 14, inertial brake system, maneuvering leveling foot.

Projects like this demonstrate the quality and reliability of GERAFORTE products. We always seek the total satisfaction of our customers, whether with the products supplied or the services provided. We treat everyone as a partner, always searching for the best solution to their problems.

GERAFORTE, energy for those who can't stop!


Paraty Project
4.5 MVA to power the city

Project: 4500kVA
Generator Sets: 6 x 750kVA installed and in operation
Equipment: super acoustic containers - 65dB(A) 1,5m
Voltage: 380V.

Recognized as a tourist destination by thousands of Brazilians each year, the city of Paraty, in Río de Janeiro, stands out nationally for its historical and cultural heritage.

To sustain the energy demand in high season, the city's substation is being strengthened with another 4.5 MVA of power.

The energy will be generated through Geraforte generator sets, a manufacturer with national prominence in the segment. The project totalize 06 machines of  750kVA in parallel, all already installed and in operation.

One of the main highlights is the allocation of the generators in super acoustic containers of 40 feet, with more than 12 m wide and weighing 8 tons each. 

Geraforte, as a specialist in customized solutions, developed each container with acoustic insulation of 65dB(A) 1.5m, which allows for noise attenuation that complies with local standards.

The generator sets were manufactured with Volvo Penta engines and WEG alternators, ensuring robustness and reliability for any application.

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1500kVA in Medium Voltage
for the post office in Brazil

Generator Set: 3 x 500 kVA in parallel
Equipment: acoustic enclosure - 85dB(A) 1,5m
Voltage: 480V to 13.8kV.
Application: Stand-by operation.

Remote Monitoring


GERAFORTE has just secured a stable source of energy for the Post Office of Minas Gerais, Brazil: the inclusion of 1500kVA in diesel generators for the Company's Distribution Center.

The project has 3 generator sets in parallel, each with 500kVA of power, equipped with WEG alternators, VOLVO PENTA engines and COMAP command modules. The machines operate in emergency mode, when there is a network failure or power outage.

The Post Office Distribution Center contains 2 substations and 5 command modules: 1 for each generator (totaling 3), and 1 for each substation. The modules of each substation communicate via optical fiber, allowing medium voltage transfer over long distances and cable savings.

For this case, the client chose the COMAP module due to its affinity and versatility in terms of permissions, user level and remote monitoring. 3 user levels were configured: the highest level allows changing the machine parameters remotely; the 2nd level makes it possible to view the parameters and the remote control of the generator; the 3rd level only allows viewing the parameters.

To ensure extra protection against equipment that is sensitive to sudden voltage variations, a ramp transfer has been added for the Post Office Generators.

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