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3750 kVA project
for Vale S/A

Generator Sets: 3 x 1250kVA in parallel.  
Equipment: IP23 enclosure for 1250kVA genset.
Voltage: 480V.
Application: Stand-by operation.


Gensets at the factory

Control and Sync Panel

The generator sets at Vale S/A are part of the GERAFORTE Heavy Line, especially design for products above 800kVA. The gensets operate in stand by mode, feeding the machines responsible for the iron ore extraction. Each genset weights, aproximally, 12T.

In this project GERAFORTE was responsible for the gensets manfacturing, comissioning, training and start up on the client. The panel, besides having comand and synchronism functions, has certification for electrical and constructive characteristics according to NBR-60439.

Currently GERAFORTE is one of the best and largest manufacturers of generator sets in Brazil, operating not only in the manufacture of gensets but also in low and medium voltage energy solutions, worlshell and installation related to generator sets.


2250 KVA project
for Labour Court - Brazil

Generator Sets: 3x 563kVA in parallel / 1x 563kVA simple.
Equipment: open groups with noise attenuator kit.
Voltage: 220V.
Application: Stand-by operation.

Genset leaving the factory

Work in progress in TRT

Machines installed in TRT

The generator sets installed in the Regional Labor Court of the 17th region were designed to work in the emergency regime, in case there is a fault or failure in the local power distribution company. Gensets in parallel feed the entire data center network, servers, booster pumps, and the common area of the building, while the simple Genset is responsible for the cooling system.

Among the services provided in the Court there is the removal of the generator sets of the 1st floor of the subsoil and positioning of the machines on site, electrical installation, installation of the attenuator kit and acoustic door, technical delivery and training for the correct use of equipment.


Gensets at Biguaçu
substation - SC

Generator Sets: 2 x GGC-313 of 275kVA simple.
Equipment: 2 x IP33 fairing with gray base, engine and alternator.
Voltage: 380V.
Application: Stand-by operation.

Genset in operation

Work in progress

Work completed at Biguaçu substation

Inaugurated in 2008, the Biguaçu substation is located in the city of Biguaçu, Santa Catarina, Brazil. It has more than 2600MVA of installed power, through which 11 transmission lines pass.

Biguaçu generator sets are responsible for feeding the essential loads of the system, such as lighting and protection systems. 

Both machines are designed to operate in emergency, in case there is a power outage at the substation.

After the installation of the machinery, GERAFORTE was responsible for commissioning and training the technicians of the substation, ensuring that they use the Genset, command and power panels safely and correctly.


Exportation of
Gas Genset for USA

Generator Set: 1 x 375kVA gas single.
Equipment: gas genset with enclosure and customized logo.
Voltage: 208/120V.
Application: Continuous operation.

Our American client is located in Florida, USA, working in data analysis and security.

The exportation process included all the displacement of the generator set to the port, follow-up until arrival at the customer and machine start-up. 

The customer opted for the GERAFORTE gas line due to the existence of gas pipes in the company's warehouse, allowing for fuel savings, less pollutant generation and less noise (due to the lower compression ratio in the gas engine cylinders). 

For more information check our gas line page.

The design operates at 208/120V voltage at 60Hz. All electrical components are UL certified as requested by the customer. 

As customization, there is the construction of a panel for remote monitoring to be installed in the concierge. The remote control in concierge has the advantage of easy visualization of alarms, module reports, 24h access, among others. For more information check our remote control page.

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