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Power and Control panels
for generator sets


GERAFORTE designs and manufactures control panels for generator sets solutions from 20kVA up to 10MVA. 

We use products of the highest quality and reliability, with internationally recognized brands such as ABB, Schneider, Siemmens, Deep Sea, COMAP and DEIF. 

Our automatic gensets, by default, leave factory with automatic transfer panels (ATP).

Among the main features of our products, there are:


Parallelism between generator sets

GERAFORTE designs and manufactures generator sets solutions for parallel work, reaching more than 10 MVA for each installed system. 

In a generating plant composed of several gensets in parallel, each one has its control panel. A sync panel is added to the system for synchronization. 

The transfer system panel can be in this panel or in separate ATPs, depending on the needs of the customer.


Ramp transfer system

For customers using generator sets during peak hours, Geraforte uses a system of gradual transfer from the network to the genset and vice versa, without power interruption at the scheduled time. 

In the process, the sources are in parallel. In this case, we use Deep Sea / DEIF modules for command, control, and system protection.


Certified low voltage panels

GERAFORTE provides low voltage panels of TTA (Type-Tested Assemblies) type, meeting the NBR IEC 60439-1:2003 standard. 

Synonymous of safety and quality, the certified panels are ABB manufacturing or similar, intended to serve special customers such as: 

Airports, Telecommunications Companies, Energy and Water Supply Companies, Large Industries, among others.


Modules for remote control

GERAFORTE offers highly effective remote monitoring and operation devices for its power system. 

The modules allow the client to monitor the performance of the gensets in real-time, visualizing variables of active power (kW), fuel level, lack between phases, etc. 

Besides, they cover traceability functions, operations notifications, diagnostic reports, and remote machine activation/shutdown in their software.