Specialized services

We seek the total
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GERAFORTE offers the best technical assistance network of Brazil.

Buy a GERAFORTE product and be sure to be purchasing not only a quality generator set but also the best technical team entirely available, offering reliability and safety in the operation of your equipment. 

Through a solid team, with deep knowledge in the area, specialized and trained to better meet all market demands, GERAFORTE ensures that any need will be met, ensuring the total satisfaction of its customers.

We credit much of our success to the quality of the services provided to our customers, served in the shortest time, with the best products.


Spare Parts Sales

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We only work with ORIGINAL products from manufacturers, with quality guaranteed by our suppliers.

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Electrical and mechanical workshop

GERAFORTE offers electrical and mechanical review services for all types of generator sets. The work is managed by highly qualified technicians and can be done in the field or within the company's workshop. Among the services provided are engine, alternator, power panel and control panel inspection.



We direct constant investments in training to the entire network of assistants, ensuring that they can solve any problem requested by customers. We coordinate and provide training for our employees in all sectors of the company, especially in the technical area. The training is extended to customers technicians and can be given at the time of technical delivery or at GERAFORTE headquarter.


Technical delivery

The technical delivery or start-up corresponds to the first start of the generator set at the customer, which must be performed by specialized or accredited GERAFORTE technicians. At the first start of the generator set, GERAFORTE is responsible for all inspections, tests without and with load, and the proper training of the technicians indicated by the client.


Installation services

Our company provides whenever necessary a technical team specialized in the shell-work and installation of generator sets. Among the main services stands out the insulation of walls and ceilings, the construction of acoustic environments for the genset placement, construction of concrete bases and electrical installation.



GERAFORTE retrofit generator sets for its equipments or for third parties. It consists in general maintenance on the engine, alternator, panel and accessories, as well as the replacement of the control module and the wire changing of the control panel. The genset also receives a finishing ink hand in the color requested by the customer.

Specialized services

Preventive, corrective
maintenance and contract .


GERAFORTE maintenance services provides a full verification of equipment, from engine and alternator revision to the conference of power and control panels.

The maintenance program of the generator sets must follow the guidelines in their respective maintenance and warranty manuals, both provided at the time of purchase. The service life of the engines, alternators, and other components, as well as their functionality, depends directly on how the maintenance is handled.

Maintenance is intended to ensure the best operation of the generator set. Through our services we make sure that your equipment receives the proper maintenance and care, ensuring better performance, efficiency and extended service life.


Preventive maintenance

Aims to maintain the functionality and reliability of the genset, in addition to extend its work life. 

At GERAFORTE the customer obtains differentiated services, such as: fast and preferential service; 1, 2 or 3 year warranty*; remote control of the genset*; maintenance team with specialized engineers.

*to be discussed.

Corrective maintenance

GERAFORTE generator sets are designed to operate reliably and safely, and scaled seeking the best cost benefit for the customer. 

In case of system failures, GERAFORTE offers one of the best technical assistance network, with great agility and speed in problem solving.

Maintenance contract

The maintenance contract is another guarantee of GERAFORTE, offering a fast and personalized service. With the contract any visits for preventive and corrective maintenance are covered.

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