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enclosure and attenuators line

Acoustic enclosures

Metal structures to
condition generator sets


GERAFORTE enclosures are metal structures suitable for conditioning generator sets that will be installed in open environment.

They have slatings and attenuators for air inlet and outlet, side doors for operation and maintenance, protection and acoustic functions simultaneously. 

Used in virtually all segments of the economy, including: mining, residential, hospital, road works, events, among others.

Besides the standard product we manufacture customized enclosures that meet our customer's needs.


Noise attenuator kit

For customers who choose to install the genset in a masonry room, GERAFORTE designs, manufactures and installs a complete solution for the acoustic system. The projects are built in versions 85db(A) 1.5m, 75 db(A) 1.5m and 65db(A) 7m. The complete set consists of two noise attenuators, one for cold air inlet and the other for hot air outlet, silencer and acoustic door. The dimensions of the attenuators are designed according to the power of the generator sets. In special projects, the walls of the room receive acoustic coating for better noise attenuation.

Noise attenuator for 85db (A) 1.5m

PowerWidth (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)
Up to 35kva500600700Input and output
Up to 115kva7509001000Input and output
125 to 250kva9009001000Input and output
270 to 400kva108013001200Input and output
450 to 750kva150015001300Input and output

Noise attenuator for 75db (A) 1.5m

PowerWidth (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)
Up to 55kVA600600900Input
Up to 55kVA6006001200Output
60 to 84kVA600900900Input
60 to 84kVA6009001200Output
100 to 125kVA1050900900Input
100 to 125kVA10509001200Output
140 to 260kVA105012001200Input
140 to 260kVA150012001500Output
300 to 375kVA120014001200Input
300 to 375kVA120014001200Output
400 to 700kVA140018001200Input
400 to 700kVA140018001500Output
750kVA180020001500Input and Output
750kVA180020001800Input and Output

Acoustic door for 85db (A) 1.5m

PowerWidth (mm)Heigth (mm)
Up to 750kVA10002100
180 to 400kva14002100
450 to 750kva 18002300