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Our gas generator sets are developed to work with natural gas, biogas, and other alternative fuels in any type of segment, such as condominiums, hotels, industries, supermarkets, among others. 

From our electronic controllers we can exploit the maximum power operation of the engines, ensuring a reliable, high quality genset with low emission of pollutants.

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Savings up to 35% compared to diesel generator set.

Due to the lower compression rate on the cylinders, gas engines tend to be quieter.

Gas engines emit fewer particulates, i.e., fewer hydrocarbons and NOx (Nitrogen + Oxygen). Translating, they practically produce no soot or ash. In the case of natural gas, the emission is around 25% lower than diesel. In the case of biogas, the source is 100% clean and renewable.

Gas connections can come directly from public network pipes, eliminating the need for fuel tanks and, consequently, generating operational ease and general availability. Besides, the inconvenience of fuel loss by aging are reduced to zero.

A chemical component is inserted in CNG gas to give a unique smell to the product so that it can be perceived in the environment. Also, Geraforte products come with leak detectors, triggering the alarm of the device in case of gas leak.
$ 1,99
kWh at peak hours (consumer) Green rate - CEMIG - Approximated values 07/2021
$ 1,09
Approximate kWh in use with diesel generator sets
$ 0,85
kWh (conventional tariff consumer) - CEMIG - Approximated values 07/2021
$ 0,63
Approximate kWh in use with gas generator sets

Gas Generator sets at 60Hz

ModelPower | PRIME (kVA)Power | Continuous (kVA)Engine BrandEngine ModelNo. of cylinders
GGD 168168150DOOSANG60 G08 M/LL6
GGD 220220197DOOSANG60 G12 M/LL6
GGS 290290205SCANIAOC09L5
GGD 290290257DOOSANG60 G158 M/LV8
GGD 371371333DOOSANG60 G180 M/LV10
GGS 375375290SCANIAOC13L6
GGD 429429378DOOSANG60 G222 M/LV12
GGS 477477383SCANIAOC16V8
2 x GGS 2905804102 x SCANIA2 x OC09L5
2 x GGS 3757505802 x SCANIA2 x OC13L6
2 x GGS 4779547662 x SCANIA2 x OC16V8

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