26 Jul. 2021 | Geraforte

Which generator set application is right for you?

When we talk about generator set applications, we highlight 3 types:

Emergency or Stand by: this is a work regime for emergency applications, that is, the generator set is used when there is a temporary interruption in the energy supply by the power distribution company. It is used in all segments of the economy.

Prime or Rush Hour: indicated for when the generator set will work for long periods of time. Prime mode is recommended when the company chooses to use the generator at peak times, when the kW/h becomes more expensive, attributing savings to the project. After empirical studies there is a savings of up to 30% in electricity costs when using the generator set during peak hours (3h/day, workdays).

Continuous: also known as the Basic Load regime, it is used in situations where there is a need for continuous power supply. It is also indicated for places where the generator is the main source of energy, where there is no local power distribution company. Examples: construction of highways, roads, mining, construction site, among others.

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