29 Aug. 2022 | GERAFORTE

Ingress Protection for Gensets Enclosure

Initially, let's understand the meaning of IP (ingress protection) protection degree.

The same has been adopted by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) as the international standard for classifying and evaluating the degree of protection of electronic products against the ingress of dust and water. In this way, it indicates the resistance and suitability of each product.


Enclosure / Containers for Power Generators

IP23 Enclosure
The standard product in the market has an IP23 ingress protection. It means that it allows protection against solid objects larger than 12mm and water sprayed from an angle of +/- 60°.

IP33 Enclosure
For special projects, GERAFORTE manufactures containers with an IP33 ingress protection. This product allows greater protection against solid objects, in this case larger than 2.5mm, in addition to protection against water sprayed at an angle of +/- 60°.
In its manufacture, GERAFORTE uses customized air inlet and outlet vents, while maintaining the equipment's factory power and the container's internal temperature.


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Check the table of IP protection degrees:


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