10 Sep. 2021 | Geraforte

What is the Importance of the Generator Sets in the midst of the Water Crisis?

Brazil faces the worst drought in the last 91 years, with reservoirs in the Southeast between 12 to 20% of maximum capacity*.

The drought is caused by a sequence of factors, intensified over the years. In the case of the 2021 water crisis, there is an increase in consumption, mainly by industries, agriculture and population growth; constant decreases in the level of rain; urbanization; deforestation of large forests; between others**.

As a result of the lack of rain, there is an energy deficit in hydroelectric plants in Brazil, which no longer support the country's demand. In this way, thermoelectric plants are activated, which produce energy at a higher cost (since the raw material used is now coal, diesel oil and natural gas).

The activation of thermoelectric plants generates an increase in the electricity bill, both for small and large consumers.

Currently (Brazil - September, 2021) we are experiencing the biggest readjustment in energy prices in the 21st century, with the creation of a new tariff flag above the red one, the so-called "water scarcity flag".

Faced with this scenario, the question is: how to escape the high prices? How to reduce the energy bill? How to ensure protection for your business?

Geraforte Solution:

Use of generator sets, powered by diesel or gas. GERAFORTE gensets promote an energy solution in the middle of the crisis, ensuring cheap and quality energy for your business.

Geraforte generator sets can be used for emergency, peak hours or continuous application - see more information in our news "Which generator set application is right for you?".

The use of energy generators during peak hours (3h/day, weekdays) reduces the kW/h cost in this period by up to 30%, as the energy produced by the machines is cheaper than coming from the power distribution company.

Benefits of Geraforte Generator Sets:

- Savings up to 30% on the energy bill;;
- Protection against Blackouts;
- Backup in case of failures or fluctuations in the electrical network;
- Protection against voltage variations in the network;
- Security and reliability for your business.

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