27 Jul. 2023 | GERAFORTE

Hybrid Systems: Generator + Solar Energy

Based on technologies developed by GERAFORTE and our suppliers, we are able to create an integrated system between solar panels and generator sets. This system can operate on grid (connected to the power grid) or off grid (isolated system, there is no power grid available), and has the following operation:

Fig 1: simplified working model of integration between solar energy and gensets.

- When the system needs power, the genset starts and connects to the load bar (fig. 1);
- The inverters are activated;
- The generator set starts to operate with the minimum load, being able to raise it if necessary.



  1. Island or off grid mode:

Mode used for isolated systems, when there is no power grid available. The only sources of energy are the generator set and the solar panels. As solar panels need a reference, they cannot act alone in the system, requiring a secondary source (in this case, generator sets).

This application has as its main functionality the maximum use of photovoltaic energy with the minimum consumption of diesel, resulting in savings for its users in addition to increasing the life time of the genset.

Operation (fig. 2):

1 – The generator starts and connects to the load bar;
2 – The inverters of the photovoltaic panels are activated;
3 – The generator assumes the load of the system;
4 – The inverters, when operational, assume the maximum load of the system and the generator starts to operate with the minimum load (+- 30%). In the event of a power outage of the solar panels, the generator absorbs the load.

Fig 2: power generation model with the off grid hybrid system.


       2. Operation with the utility network or on grid:

The on grid mode, as the name implies, is when there is a local power grid. In this case there are several possibilities:

- Peak Time Mode: Use of solar panels and gensets at peak hours, allowing savings of up to 30% on the electricity bill*;
- Grid Failure Mode: Use of solar panels and generators for emergencies (Stand by);
- Fixed Power Mode: photovoltaic panels and the generator sets are used to establish a fixed power;
- Demand Control Mode: application used to control how much you want to import or export to the power grid, with the generation being done by the photovoltaic panels + genset;
- Peak Cut Mode: Application used to delimit how much will be consumed from the power grid. Commonly used by users who do not wish to pay a fine for exceeding the contracted demand;
- Among others.

Fig 3: Power generation model with the on grid hybrid system.


One of the main differentials of the new GERAFORTE technology is the possibility of operating the photovoltaic inverters even after a power failure. Thus, in cases of blackouts or voltage/frequency instability, the hybrid system disconnects the grid and starts to work with the solar panels and generator sets together (putting the maximum load onto the inverters and the minimum load onto the generators). In the event of a power outage of the solar panels, the genset absorbs the load.

As for peak hours, for example, it is possible to disconnect the grid at a predefined time (usually from 6 pm to 9 pm, weekdays), and have the hybrid system (solar panels + generator sets) assume the entire load, generating savings of up to 30% on your energy bill*.



- Fuel economy: in traditional systems, the control module turns off all sources and the generator set operates with the maximum load of the system. Based on our technology, the genset works by complementing the solar panels, saving diesel and increasing the life time of the machine.
- Equipment protection: GERAFORTE generator sets produce energy without voltage and frequency variations, protecting equipments sensitive to such variations.
- Power factor control: as there are no voltage and frequency variations in the energy generated by the genset, the power factor remains constant.
- Energy stability: GERAFORTE customers do not have concerns about blackouts or lack of energy.
- System monitoring: we developed with our suppliers a control module capable of monitoring both the generator set and the solar panels, generating complete diagnostic reports, automatic alerts, in addition to several other tools.


*Energy savings depend on other factors that must be studied individually.


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