5 Jun. 2023 | GERAFORTE



GERAFORTE, in recognition of its work in the area of ​​preservation and environmental education, received the Green Seal with Certification from Jornal do Meio Ambiente.

The Journal, throughout 2022 and 2023, carried out surveys through its sustainability committee, where the following were consulted: bodies at the Federal, State and Municipal levels; State Secretariats for the Environment at the national level; Ministry of the Environment; IBAMA; City Halls and other institutions linked to the Environment.

The aforementioned research had the following objectives:

(a) Check the companies that have Operating Licenses issued by Environmental Agencies such as Municipal, State and Federal, recognizing that they are adequate to the required evaluation criteria, as well as the Environmental policy;
(b) Encourage companies to produce and improve technologies aimed at Sustainable Development, combining Technology with Environmental Preservation;
(c) Encourage the pursuit of Environmental Licensing in order to ensure full compliance with legislation.
(d) Encourage carbon neutralization projects, with the aim of neutralizing the emission of greenhouse gases by people and the companies themselves.

Through this research and several indications, GERAFORTE was selected to receive the Green Seal of Social and Environmental Responsibility!

The Seal is the eco-label that attests to the ecological and socio-environmental quality of the product or service that has the support of civil society. It is provided to companies that prove, through research, that their life cycles are friendly to the planet and the life that inhabits it.

For organizations, the Green Seal represents the evidence of trust from customers, employees, society and those who live in areas of direct influence, as such certification demonstrates the company's commitment to the Environment, from a perspective of Sustainable Development in the eyes of the market.

This Certification demonstrates GERAFORTE's concern for/with the environment and the ecosystem inserted in it. Sustainability Strategies are increasingly essential for organizations as, every day, consumers look for companies with a positive environmental ideology, a reflection of innovative and efficient management.

See other Geraforte good practices on our Diversity and Sustainability page.

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