9 Aug. 2021 | Geraforte

Geraforte Generator Sets will be part of Vale S.A. billionaire project

The Gelado Project of Vale S.A., active in the municipality of Parauapebas - PA - Brazil, received a batch of Geraforte generator sets that total up 3750 kVA (Stand by power). The project has 3 machines in parallel, each with 1250kVA of Standby power and about 12,000 kg. 

Currently Geraforte is one of the best and largest manufacturers of generator sets in Brazil, operating not only in the manufacture of gensets but also in low and medium voltage energy solutions, worlshell and installation related to generator sets.

Geraforte's gensets will operate in stand by mode, feeding the machines responsible for the iron ore extraction process. In addition to the machines, Geraforte offered customized control and syncronism panels, commissioning, training and start up at the client. For more information check our cases page.

The Geraforte products were acquired by SIEMENS, responsible for part of Vale Gelado's electrical project. The process involved the manufacture of electrical panels with ECC (engine control center), part of the plant's automation, and installation of Geraforte generator sets.

According to [1], 1.7 BI of dollars were allocated to the execution of new projects in Pará, with emphasis on the Gelado and Salobo III projects, where Geraforte also supplied generator sets. The forecast is the creation of 6000 temporary jobs in the State.

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[1] http://saladeimprensa.vale.com/Paginas/default.aspx

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