2 Aug. 2021 | Geraforte

Geraforte Exportation Process to the USA

GERAFORTE, in March 2020, carried out another exportation process to North America, delivering a 375kVA gas generator set with enclosure to Controltec of America. The genset, leaving Geraforte, traveled a total of 6740 km until arriving in Orlando, Florida. 

The exportation process included all the travel from the generator set to the port, follow-up until arrival at the customer and start up of the machine.

Controltec, located in Florida, USA, operates in data analysis and security. With a worldwide reach, it has a team of specialists responsible for creating a digital link in the entire production line, from product engineering and design to manufacture and use.

Our client opted for the Geraforte gas line due to the existence of gas pipes in the company's warehouse, allowing for fuel savings, less pollutant generation and less noise (due to the lower compression rate in the gas engine cylinders). For more information check our gas line page.

The project operates at a voltage of 208 / 120V at 60Hz. All electrical components are UL certified, as requested by the customer.  As customization, there is the construction of a panel for remote monitoring to be installed in the concierge. The remote monitoring in the concierge has the advantage of easy viewing of alarms, module reports, 24h access, among others. For more information check our remote control page.

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