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Mission Critical Environments and its Relation with Generator Sets

Usually the term "mission critical" refers to IT infrastructures, but the terminology covers many other segments.

Mission Critical Environments can be defined as automated systems that crucially depend on electrical energy for their operation. For example, there are data centers, hospitals, banks, telephone and telecommunications centers, air traffic, etc.

Basically, all these systems require availability of energy 24/7, and the lack of it will cause great losses.

Mission critical environments have systems that are divided into 3 major risk areas:

- Availability, for processes that operate instantly within a pre-defined interval and require operational availability;
- Reliability, for processes whose margin of error is minimal and where operational failures cannot occur;
- Risk, for systems whose energy is essential for their primary functioning.

It is clear that for the correct functioning of these operations a robust and reliable energy system is necessary

But How to Ensure the Energy Stability of Mission Critical Environments?

Use of GERAFORTE Generator Sets, powered by diesel or gas.

Regardless of size or power, GERAFORTE generator sets bring with them a series of advantages:

- Stability: GERAFORTE generators guarantee the stability of the electrical system. In addition to acting as an energy backup, the equipment can be programmed not to generate peaks when activated.

- Economy and Safety: the generator is able to reduce the losses caused by an unstable electrical system, such as problems in industrial and hospital equipment, death of animals, deterioration of food, among others. Furthermore, the genset ensures that production and equipment will not be affected by power outages.

- Practicality and Technology: GERAFORTE generators contain modules that allow remote control and activation, both via SMS and whatsapp. Furthermore, it is possible to schedule preventive maintenance and create operating reports.

- Reduction of up to 30% on the electricity bill: GERAFORTE generators, used at peak hours (from 6 pm to 9 pm on weekdays), saves up to 30% on the electricity bill! This is because at this time the generator's kWh becomes cheaper than the power company, attributing savings to the enterprise.

GERAFORTE generator sets have several applications: energy backup in case of failure or instability in the network (emergency); main energy source (COP); dual mutual (or mirrored generators) for places where power outages are not acceptable; between others. See here the main applications.


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