25 Jan. 2023 | GERAFORTE

Geraforte is Partner of the Mercosur Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Founded in 1991, the same year Mercosur was founded, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Mercosur and America is a civil entity, governed by private law, recognized by member countries. It works to promote the interests of Mercosur entrepreneurs around the world, generating business opportunities.

With globalization the entity, in addition to focusing on intra-regional trade, also started to promote the commercial interests of Mercosur and the Americas around the world, operating in more than 31 countries.

Thus, the Chamber conducts market research, raises, contacts and selects companies, schedules and promotes business meetings, organizes lectures and product samples, implements sales campaigns and even sells products and services.

GERAFORTE is proud to be part of this great association with more than 30 years of history. Facts like this are positive proof of the quality and commitment of our team.

Our objective is not only to satisfy our customers needs, but also to transform them into partners and future business indicators.

Learn more about the Chamber of Commerce by clicking here.

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