18 May 2022 | GERAFORTE

Energy Solutions for Agribusiness

USD 226 billion in production. 10.2% growth. USD 120 billion in exportation process. 17 million employees. About 27% of Brazil's GDP.

These are the numbers of Brazilian agribusiness in 2021. Brazil is an international highlight in the segment, being among the 5 nations that most export agricultural products.

The growth of agro is allied to new technologies of production, cultivation, machinery and energy. The greater use of automation has led to an increase in investments and energy demand in the field, with a focus on reducing waste, increasing productivity and avoiding losses.

Now more than ever, an increase in production means an increase in electricity supply. Currently this is a problem in Brazil, due to the not so abrasive distribution in the interior, as well as the instability of the system due to weather events and/or lack of supply.

Rural producers still have another disadvantage: their distribution networks are far from urban centers and electricity concessionaires. As a result, maintenance and repair of transmission lines can take hours and even days, compromising the entire structure necessary to maintain production.

In order to protect their businesses, many rural entrepreneurs began to invest in alternative energy sources.

How to increase productivity without being at the mercy of the stability of the electrical system?

Use of GERAFORTE Generator Sets, powered by diesel or gas.

Regardless of size or power, GERAFORTE gensets bring with them a series of advantages:

- Stability: GERAFORTE generators guarantee the stability of the electrical system. In addition to acting as energy backup, the equipment can be programmed not to generate peaks when activated.

- Economy and Safety: because of the generator, the rural producer is able to reduce the losses caused by an unstable electrical system, such as the death of animals and food spoilage. In addition, he is assured that his production and equipment will not be affected by power outages.

- Practicality and Technology: GERAFORTE gensets contain modules that allow remote control and activation, both via SMS and whatsapp. Furthermore, it is possible to schedule preventive maintenance and generate health reports.

GERAFORTE generator sets have several applications in the field: energy backup in case of network failure or instability; main power source; dual mutual (or mirrored generators) for places where power outages are not allowed; among others.

Examples of Applications in agribusiness:

- Use in sheds that need temperature and/or humidity control, such as poultry farming.

- Use in processes that cannot be interrupted, otherwise the entire production line is compromised, such as tobacco drying.

- Processes that require coolers, such as dairy activity.

- Among others.


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